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Powder Coating

Powder Coating | Kel-Coatings Inc

High quality metal items are expensive and hard to find. Getting rid of the ones you have may...

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Metal Finishing

Metal Finishing | Kel-Coatings Inc

Finishing metal is second nature to us. Our staff has the training, experience and expertise...

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Sand Blasting

Sand Blasting | Kel-Coatings Inc

The worn yet functional metal items you have in your home are like treasures hidden in plain sight. Under a few...

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We are a welding company with vast experience in sand blasting, powder coating and metal finishing!

Welcome to Kel-Coatings Inc

For welding, sand blasting, powder coating and metal finishing no one beats Kel-Coatings Inc. They can make your cars, trucks, exhaust systems, patio furniture, fences, gates, bicycles and more look like new or fabricate customized pieces to your specification.

Time, weather and rust can wreak havoc on products made from metal. Although they may remain functional they can begin to look old and worn. No need to throw out these perfectly good items. Contact Kel-Coatings Inc. and let us make your precious items look like new again. We are a San Diego, CA based company with years of experience using sand blasting, welding, powder coating and all other types of metal finishing to bring valuable old items back to life. When metallic items begin to look old and rusted people question their value, quality and utility. When you bring you metallic items to us we have the skills, technology and experience to make them look like new.

Why discard functional old items and buy new ones when for a fraction of the cost we can make your old items look new again. At Kel-Coatings Inc. we use our experience and expertise with sand blasting, welding, powder coating and finishing metal to transform your trusty, rusty items back into the beautiful items they once were. We have been using our metal finishing skills to satisfy customers all over San Diego, CA for years. Let us put our skills to work for you.

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Kel-Coatings Inc

Business Address:
8646 Commerce Ave # A
San Diego, CA 92121

Business Hours:
Mon-Thu 7:00am-4:30pm
Fri 7:00am-3:30pm

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