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The worn yet functional metal items you have in your home are like treasures hidden in plain sight. Under a few layers of dust or rust hides a thing of value. San Diego, CA is a region which has many valuable metal artifacts. That means the metal items in and around your home might be more valuable than you realize. Even the products created a decade or two ago are now rare and considered valuable if to no one else but you. Nothing gives you the same feeling as driving the first car you owned or using the same items your parents or grandparents used.

The metal fence around your house or that iron gate all hold memories which cannot be replaced. Restoring them their former glory by bringing them to Kel-Coatings Inc. can allow another generation to use, understand and appreciate them.

If you live in San Diego, CA and you have old metal items which need to be restored contact Kel-Coatings Inc. We are the best choice in San Diego CA when you need sand blasting, powder coating or any other type of work done on metal. Need sand blasting, metal finishing or powder coating?

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